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      You will have to open a bank account soon .To open a bank account the documents required are:

      • Your social security number

      • Your passport

      • Your driver license (home country or international)

      • First cash deposit, minimum between 25 and 100 US Dollars.

      You will be receiving the chequebook at the time of opening your check account. Prior to opening an account, you should know what kind of account you are willing to open.
      Choose a bank that has a reputation for stability. Convenience is also a factor. Many large banks have branches everywhere. But small banks can offer personalized service and a friendly atmosphere--and sometimes lower fees.
      A directory of all the banks in USA

      Several types of accounts can be opened.
      1.checking account
      2.savings account
      3.Money Market accounts
      4.Certificate of Deposits


      The specific options for each of these accounts varies from bank to bank.

      A Checking account allows you a quick and conveniant access to your money.Some checking accounts pay interest others do not.Most banks issue a debit card (or check card) against this account. This card is extremely helpful, specially in the first months, when you might not have a credit card. It is a called a debit card or check card because when used, it instantly withdraws money from your bank, unlike credit card, where you can accumulate credit. You can withdraw or deposit funds at an automated teller machine (ATM) also with this card. Banks charge a monthly fee for the maintainance of the account. You may also be charged excess fee if your minimum balance drops below a certain amount during a particular day in a month. Checking accounts that pay interest may charge higher fees than do regular checking accounts, so you could end up paying more in fees than you earn in interest.You can use unlimited checks in checking account.

      Savings account-This is an interest bearing account.Here you do not have the flexibility of unlimited checks.You can make withdrawals but the number of withdrawals or transfers you can make on the account each month is limited.As with other accounts institutions may impose a minimum balance fees.

      Money Market Deposit account-This is an interest bearing account that allows to write checks.The MMDA usually pays a higher rate of interest than a checking or savings account, but they require a higher minimum balance to earn interest.Withdrawing funds is not as easy as in a checking account. Each month you will have to limit the no of transfers from this account based on the regulations of the bank.

      Certificate of Deposits - These are time deposits (comparable to fixed deposits in India) also called certificates of deposits, or CDs. They usually offer a guaranteed rate of interest for a specified term, such as one year. Banks offer CDs that allow you to choose the length of time your money is on deposit ranging from several days to several years.The bank will generally require that you keep your money in the account until the term ends, that is, until maturity. Some banks will allow you to withdraw the interest you earn even though you may not be permitted to take out any of your initial deposit (the principal). Often CDs renew automatically. Therefore, if you do not notify the institution that you wish to take out your money at maturity, the CD will roll over, or continue, for another term. For calculating bank rates of different bank visit   Bank rate site

      You might want to consider certain points before opening a bank account
      1.What type of account will be beneficial for you.
      2.Whether the bank has an ATM service
      3.Whether there is a minimum balance policy and if so what is the amount and what will be the fee if it is not maintained.
      4. Does the bank has a 1-800 number you can call to check accounting information.
      5.Is it a National Bank., Does it have branches all over USA?
      6.Is there any hiddenfees like charges for the use of ATM.
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