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If this is your first trip to USA it will be helpful for you to a learn as much as you can about USA and the State you are going to be in.  

Most places like Newjersey,California etc have huge Indian communities that you would never feel you are not in India.You also get most of the Indian stuff like lentils,vegetables and masala in the various Indian stores here.  

I shall provide a list of things below which in our opinion is necessary for your stay here.You should start making your purchases a month before the trip so that you are not hurried and can make better selections and choices.  

1.First and foremost you must have with you your passport with the visa stamped,your H-1 papers,All your education certificates and experiance letters,your Tax returns paper and some passport size photographs of yours.These you should keep in your handluggage which you carry with you at all times. NEVER LET ANYONE GET HOLD OF YOUR PASSPORT. It is the most important document for you once you have left Indian soil.  

2. You will be allowed to bring a total of 60kg(varies slightly with the airlines) in Two bags and about 5kg (also varies)in your handluggage.Buy Two softbags( these will have less weight on their own unlike hardbags.That will increase your loading capacity)and a leather attache for work. Divide your luggage into 30-30kg and distribute in the two bags.Inside the bags and outside them put on big labels of identification(Cases of luggages arriving late are not unheard of).Tie the luggage with plastic ropes so that it will not come open on transit( It happens sometimes even with all the locks you put)Be prepared though to open the luggage for customs check if asked.After packing your bags try weighing them at home so that you can avoid discarding items at the airport if your luggage is overweight.In your hand luggage put all the important and necessary things but avoid making it too heavy as you will have to carry it around.  

3.Have money exchanged into US dollars in your handluggage or in a hip-pouch.when exchanging money try to get dollars in denominations of 20's,10's,5's and 1's.Very few people carry 50's and 100's.Remember it is one of the most powerful currencies in the world.Try getting some quarters ,nickels,dimes etc.(1 dollar=100cents..,quarter is 25 cents..,dime is 10 cents..,nickel is 5 cents...)  

4.Get some good suits(single breasted) colors- black, light grey, dark grey,really dark blue.Get some good ties, ties can be bright fact they should be.Get some plain shirts , color - light blue, off white, white,really light grey,light cream - all full sleeves preferred( no dark colors , stripes are out of fashion here). you also need some business casuals, get small checked shirts, T-shirts,all light colors- get a bunch of white colors as well, all of them should have a collar. light dull khaki pants is very very much in fashion here, in fact everybody wears that as business casual..Get lots of undergarments b'cause you would be doing laundry only once in a week. Get some good leather shoes as well and try getting a good sports shoe like reebok or nike. Jeans are the normal attire here and you can get it here at $20,$30 etc.Try getting one or two jeans though.Get some shorts for sleepwear.You may need leather belts also. .  
Ladies can get bring good punjabi dresses/sari's for visit to temples and religious occasions.You do get them in US but they are very costly.

5. you could get all kinds of indian masala, pickle etc out here...but it's ok to bring some sambar and rasam powder because you may not get the right quality of those in here. you could bring speciality home made food, like pickle or something else. all bottled and packaged food avaliable in india are available over here and is not expensive. (eg- bedekar pickle, lijjat papad..).Don't bring any uncooked food, plants,perishables like meat etc.Just get things that'll last for a month or two. U get all the things here and they aren't very expensive.Whatever eatables and spices you are bringing have them double wrapped in plastic covers and sealed and sprayed with perfume.

6. you could also get some toothbrushes, paste and some soap . ( they are really easily available over here..but a new comer might find it a little expensive to start with).get a very good haircut..before you come down. and get enoughshaving equipments so that you don't have to go out shopping as soon as you come in.  

7. cooking vessels - I would say just get a pressure cooker ,some spare gaskets, some spoons, one plate, one frying pan. ( except pressure cooker everything else is cheap out here but you can carry if you have space in your bag.  

8.You might need a winter jacket if you are coming during the winter months(Nov to March). none of the jackets available in india are good for the extreme weather here except if you are in west like california where is does not get so cold. but try to get the best one available.Try getting a pair of gloves as well. Or you may get one after arriving here.Get a couple of good sweaters.  

9.Get your technical books. You will need them to prepare for interviews.And ofcourse your certificates.

10.Make sure you learn to drive .Get an IDP from the RTO there once you get the licence. Bring it with you. some states allow you to drive for a while with the IDP. have to have to get a Very good perfume... you can get it there or over here.It would cost around 30-60 dollars in US. look for CalvinKlein-JUPE or Davidoff-Coolwater. don't buy anything from the duty free (except in US)..they are Very expensive. don't bring any electronics or electricals.  

Get extra pairs of your prescription glasses, replacing prescription glasses in US is very very expensive. Before coming here get your eyesight and teeth checked even if you are not having any problem now. Both these treatments are wildly costly here and many health insurances do not cover them.
(Courtesy our friends in USA)
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