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If you are a person whose work involves shifting your residence then you cannot avoid the inevitable moving of your possessions and people who do the moving for you namely- the moving companies .If all the moving companies protect your furniture the way you do then there would have been no problem.But sadly that is not the case.That is why you have to be doubly warned about the Problems you could face while moving and how to tackle them!

Moving companies rank high in number of complaints filed at the better business bureau.If you have a claim for damage or have missing goods and are getting nowhere with the moving company you can take up your matter with American moving and storage association at 703-683-7410 (other than the option of a lawyer). But you can head off problems if you know the terms and tricks.

Ask for bids from three or four companies but don't automatically sign up for the cheapest one.For a guarantee ask for a binding estimate.Before making an estimate the rep will compile an inventory of your belongings.look over the list carefully to make sure nothing is missing.The loading crew is supposed to move only the listed items so if anything is left out you will have to pay extra to get it to your new home.
Destination charges

Expect supplementary fees for long distance carries and elevator deliveries.If there are no destination charges on your estimate make sure that is because none apply.Have the agent state this on the estimate.If the charges are there and you suspect they are high check the interstate moving-rate book called "Tariff 400-M".Every moving company has this book on file.If you ask to see the book and they give you double talk they are trying to overcharge you.

If you have decided to leave your packing to professionals keep an eye on them as they work.Because you are paying for all the materials used -in particular the number of boxes.some packers intentionally go overboard.On the other hand some may neglect to wrap furniture at all, leaving it exposed to the rigors of the road.Point out which furniture needs to be protected and which can be left alone.Check the inventory list for any notations of damage before the truck is loaded.

By law every interstate move comes with limited valuation protection-that only amounts to 60 cents per pound per article.So if your 15 pound stereo player got broken enroute the moving company will pay you only $9 for your trouble.Moving companies offer additional coverage;either depreciated-value or replacement-value options.Depreciated value will cost you a couple of hundred dollars and pays the estimated value of the destroyed article (determined by insurance standards) taking into account how long you have owned it.Replacement value option with a $250 to $300 deductible is widely regarded as the best way to go.If you have antiques or other irreplacable items consider having them appraised and insured separately.
Late deliveries

Most moving companies provide you with a delivery window of any where from a few days to a few weeks. But because there may be as many as five families belongings in one trailer deliveries are often delayed.But you can prepare yourself by finding out if your new town is the frequent destination for the moving company.If its not you may wind up waiting longer for your delivery.Some companies specialise in moving from one area to another -so choose one that can improve your odds.
Good luck.Safe journey!

courtesy Good house keeping magazine